Art on the Street is a fun and colourful event.  However, event safety is our priority and we would appreciate it if you could take the time to read through this important event safety information.

Event Workers
Event workers are different from volunteers and can be identified by their RED I ♥ Downtown Guelph t-shirts.  They are equipped with walkie talkies and can answer any questions you may have. 

Event HQ
Event HQ is located at the Downtown Guelph office (above Capistrano and where you will sign in for your shift).  It will be staffed by an experienced Event Worker at all times.

Emergency evacuation procedure
There will be three airhorns onsite.  One at the blue Guelph Arts Council tent in St George’s Square, one at Creative Edge (9 Quebec Street), and one at the Downtown Guelph office  Should there be an event that requires an emergency evacuation of the site, an Event Worker will give three short blasts to indicate immediate evacuation.  Event Workers, whilst flapping arms up and down in an exaggerated fashion, will then loudly direct attendees to the nearest exit point.  It is not the responsibility of the event volunteer to evacuate the site.

Emergency vehicle access
Emergencies must be relayed to Event Workers however do not hesitate to call 911 yourself.  Event workers will be directed by the Event Manager to station themselves at one of the two entry points onto Quebec Street and lead any emergency vehicles through the event.

Missing person/child
Please let an Event Worker know if you are notified that a person/child is missing.  The Downtown Guelph office is Event HQ and the place to bring any missing persons/children.


Sam Jewell, Event Manager                   Katherine Percival, Event Manager
Cell: 519 835 3019                                Cell: 289 687 4104       

Event volunteers will be given an I ♥ Downtown Guelph t-shirt and an apron that contains programs, ballots (see below), pens, and a name badge. Orange safety vests will be given to volunteers who will be on the event site during set up and take down (i.e. whenever there are vehicles onsite). These can be returned to the Downtown Guelph office when all vehicles have left the event site.

Prepare for the weather.  It will most likely be warm so wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing and shoes (remembering that your t-shirt will be provided).  Also bring a refillable water bottle. 

The DGBA Office will be staffed from 7.15am until 7pm on event day. There will be a place to store your things, and refreshments and washrooms will be available.

Artists can use the washrooms at the DGBA Office or the Guelph Arts Council office (above Miijidaa on Quebec Street).  Attendees can use the public washrooms located in Old Quebec Street Shoppes.

People’s Choice Award Ballots: Event attendees are able to vote for their favourite exhibitor by completing a People’s Choice Award ballot.  These orange ballots will be in your apron and you are responsible for handing them out to event attendees (one ballot per person).  BALLOTS SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN TO EXHIBITORS (they have already received their maximum of 2 ballots in their artist bags).  Completed ballots should be put into a ballot box located in the DGBA office by 3PM.

Attendees can get a squirt of free sunscreen at either the Baker or Wyndham St entrances to the event.