Dining District – Essential Information

Bridget Irving is the City’s new Downtown Patio Ambassador. She will be working with businesses and the DGBA to make sure temporary patios and the dining district are safe and compliant. This means checking to make sure that patio applications have been submitted, all the rules are being followed, and listening to concerns to help resolve any issues that come up.
Bridget Irving226-820-1784, bridget.irving@guelph.ca


Permissible hours for the sale and service of alcohol for liquor sales licensed establishments is daily 9:00 a.m to 2:00 a.m.  We understand that individual places have their own rules and some places have conditions on their license that limits them at different times For example there are restaurants that stop serving at midnight, but this is a condition of their licence not the law.

Other rules:

All orders for liquor must be served before 2:00 a.m.. No announcement of “Last Call”.  And all signs of liquor must be cleared within 45 minutes after the end time on the licence (2:45am) This includes the clearing of all glasses and bottles off the tables.


The 2 metre requirement must be measured from chair to chair, not from table to table.


In regards to cleaning of the streets within the cordoned off area in the dining district, the City asks that each restaurant remove the garbage around their respective tables at the end of the day. Downtown maintenance crews will do their best to clean up around the area otherwise, daily with a machine.


Even if you have an existing patio license, and if you have not done so already, please complete the TEMPORARY PATIO APPLICATION.  Ignore the ‘Apply to create a Dining District’ link at the top, and at the bottom of this page where it says ‘Is this part of a Dining District?’, indicate Yes. 

Please note that once you apply, you will be immediately able to participate in the Dining District, however, as your application is processed, City of Guelph staff may ask you to make alterations to your layout. 


Ensure that you and your staff fully understand the rules and regulations.  Important points to highlight are:

  • No outdoor speakers or sound systems may be used
  • Patios must be AODA compliant 
  • Patios must not conflict with pedestrian crossings
  • No smoking signage must be posted at the entry points to your patio


Signage will be posted for visitors to the Dining District at the main entry points.  It will advise: 

  • Stay seated
  • No visiting other tables
  • Ask servers to use the washrooms
  • Masks must be worn to enter any business
  • No singing/dancing

We request that all businesses put up their own similar signage and train their staff accordingly.  We also suggest that each business has clear signage and distance markers for line ups, separate line ups for reservations and walk ins if possible, and hand sanitizer at the patio entry/exit points.

As per Provincial law, there can be no more than 10 people on one table.

We highly recommend that each business request a completed trace contact sheet from each customer/table.  The DGBA would be happy to print these out for you.


Patios must be AODA compliant.  The City of Toronto has a guide to expanded outdoor dining that may be useful.  See page 8 for Accessibility requirements.  We are working with the City to provide ramps to patios that are in the curb lane.


Currently, deliveries have to take place outside of the boundary.  We realise this is not ideal and we are working on this with the City.  Vehicles are allowed to park in front of the barriers to get as close as possible to your business.


Garbage cans have been moved to allow safe pick up by a garbage truck.  There will be no garbage cans in the closed zone on Wyndham St and we will continue to work with businesses to ensure easy access to garbage cans.  We are working on arranging a Sunday pick up.


We will be providing you with information about who your contacts are during the street closure.  In the meantime any feedback or concerns can go through myself or Marty (marty@downtownguelph.com).


As it stands we have 70 picnic tables provided by the City for the Dining District.  We are asking for more, as well as trying to obtain some ourselves from event rental companies, although these are likely to be distributed to patio expansions outside of the Dining District.  If you are going to use your or rent your own furniture, please let us know so your picnic tables can be redistributed.


Picnic Table Distribution as of July 10th

Brothers Brewing 4

The Cornerstone 4

Crazy Carrot 2

Fat Bastard 2

Frank and Steins 10

La Reina 10

McCabes 10

Mia Mamma 2

NV 4

Philthy Philly’s 2

Quick Chicken 2

Rise & Shine 4

Royal Electric 8

Wimpy’s Diner 6