Curbside Pick-up during COVID-19: Tips for Businesses

While the curbside pick up accommodation is meant to help businesses get going again, it is strongly hoped that business will be carried out in a manner that is consistent with the continuing public health challenge – i.e. no sales or promotions designed to attract big crowds and adherence to guidelines set out below.

It is important that everyone adjust how they operate to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Implementing processes to ensure physical distancing are key.

General Information

  • Curbside pick-up does not include sidewalk sales or displays of goods on the sidewalk at this time
  • Customers are not permitted to enter your store to select goods, try on or sample goods, or return or exchange goods
  • Post signage encouraging at-risk customers (ie: symptoms, recent travel, exposure to someone with COVID-19) to return home and self-isolate
  • Encourage employees and customers to wear face coverings (non-medical masks or cloth masks)
  • Restrict public access to your location as much as possible
  • If pre-payment is not possible, have a wireless card reader available outside and disinfect frequently
  • Encourage no-contact payment (credit, debit) instead of cash
  • Workers should wash or sanitize their hands each time they handle cash
Encourage Remote Interactions
  • Customers should order online or by phone if possible
  • Have customers pre-pay online or over the phone
  • Establish a process to minimize the time required to complete the curbside transaction
  • Schedule pick-up times
  • Have customers notify you when they arrive by phone or text
  • Load the product into the car if possible – ask the customer to remain in the vehicle to limit contact
  • Ensure employees sanitize hands and surfaces after each interaction
  • Advise customers not to use their own containers, reusable bags or boxes
Physical Distancing
  • Place multiple signs near entrances about the physical distancing methods being used and what customers should do
  • Have someone in place to direct customers
  • Set up queue lines at entrances – cones or ropes work well – be sure pedestrians are able to safely use the sidewalk as well
  • Place markers (tape or cones) every two metres to act as distancing cues
  • For in-person payments, have cashiers step back from customers if the card reader cannot be relocated two metres away from cashier
  • If the queue outside your store gets too long to manage, consider ways to have customers queue up digitally and leave their contact information.