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10th Annual art on the street 2012

July 14, 2012 | time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

art on the street  Art Exhibition & Sale is a juried showcase featuring contemporary fine art and craft that takes place annually in Downtown Guelph.  The event has grown both in scale and calibre of artist since its inception in 2003 to become Guelph's largest outdoor exhibition and sale. art on the street  aims to spotlight multi-disciplinary talent within the regional arts community, offering a fresh-air alternative to conventional art shows and galleries. This year, close to 100 artists will showcase their works in temporary, open-air studios.  Side by side, established and emerging artists offer their work directly to the public. art on the street is a beautiful opportunity to meet the painters, potters, blacksmiths, jewellers, glass blowers, wood carvers, textile artists, photographers, and more to take home a piece of Guelph's creative culture.  art on the street is a free event which welcomes art lovers of all ages. 

 This annual event is proudly co-hosted by Downtown Guelph Business Association (DGBA) and Guelph Arts Council (GAC). 

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Booth No., Artist and Medium.  Link to artist website is included where available.

1.     Lara Romanow, Printmaking

2.     Silver Worx, Susanne Ross, Jewellery

3.     Hermant Photography, Roz Hermant, Photography

4.     Gregg Parsons, Photography

5.     Michele Parsons, Acrylic Paintings

6.     Blue Iris Studios, Iris Dorton, Pottery and Jewellery

7.     Wolf Kohler, Painting

8.     Marnie Dallan, Acrylic on Canvas

9.     Katie McLellan, Fiber

10.   Sylph, Aimee Charbonneau, Clothing

11.   Mimi Jewellery, Michelle Miller, Jewellery

12.   kukucaju, Judy Anderson, Mixed Media

13.   Jware Pottery, Jennifer Miceli, Pottery

14.   Sandy Middleton, Photography/Mixed Media

15.   Laura Harrison, Painting

16.   Lydia Nieuwenkamp, Printmaking

17.   Gillian Wilson, Printmaking

18.   Masterpiece - Wonkies, Wood

19.   Gordon Leverton, Pastels/Acrylics

20.   The Ironwood Anvil, Graeme Sheffield, Blacksmith

21.   Creative Trans4mations, Art of Century Timber

22.   Clive Lewis, Printmaking/Engraving

23.   Kathy Fenton, Jewellery

24.   Scott Garant, Abstract

25.   Carla’s Jewellery, Jewellery

26.   Sophie Bean, Handmade Baby Items

27.   Grayce Perry, Contemporary Abstract Oil

28.   Paddles by W. Bruce Smith, Handcrafted Canoe Paddles

29.   Andrew Frazer, Illustration Pen and Pencil

30.   Night and Day Studio, Elsa Mann, Raku Pottery

31.   Duncan McEwen, Oil Paintings

32.   GeneB Photo, Gene Belanger, Photography

33.   Natali Baird, Glass Jewellery and Ornaments

34.   D. Joanne Mead, Pottery

35.   Bob Pauw and Wendy Doornbos-Pauw, Reclaimed Glass

36.   Monika Ptok-Byard, Watercolurs and Silverpoint

37.   Cai Sepulis, Mixed Media

38.   Bunny Safari, Ceramics and Photography

39.   Ivano Stocco, Painting

40.   Annette Twist Fine Art Photography, Annette Twist, Photography

41.   Verdant Tile Co., Mary Philpott, Pottery/Ceramics

42.   Emily Bjorgan, Egg Tempera, Watercolour and Printmaking

43.   Marlene Jofriet, Acrylics on Canvas

44.   Kat MacGregor, Mixed Media

45.   Mark Rehkopf, Digital/Traditional Painting/Illustration

46.   Kristina Kirkwood, Mixed Media

47.   Ellen Nelson, Paintings

48.   Aleksandra Jewellery, Jewellery

49.   Kiel and Amanda Wilson-Ciocci, Mixed Media

50.   David Fenlon, Oil on Canvas

51.   Alex Mowatt Photography, Alex Mowatt, Photography

52.   JudyBlue Anderson, Acrylic

53.   Lisa Harris, Acrylic

54.   Jessica Hoflick, Painting

55.   Lisa Chandler, Acrylic

56.   Fred and Angela Sirrs, Glass-fused and Slumped

57.   Martine’s Moodlings, Martine Blundell, Acrylics and Watercolour with Ink

58.   Louise Young, Bead Weaving

59.   Live + Play Kids, Gabriela Mintis, Canadian Homemade Children's Clothes

60.   Tiny Spirals, Kim Vanderbught, Multi Media

61.   Mary Karavos, Paper Collage

62.   Karin Silverstone, Mixed Media Acrylic

63.   Jena Shields, Acrylic/Oil on Canvas

64.   Sylvia Woods, Acrylic

65.   Joe Lynch, Oil

66.   Karl Au-Yeung, Acrylic

67.   Emma Gerard, Glass Jewellery

68.   Alison Ruth Design, Textiles

69.   Kym Brundritt, Acrylics on Canvas

70.   Jump Glass, Tracey Roth, Fused Glass Jewellery

71.   Pamela Williams, Photography

72.   Julia Veenstra, Acrylic

73.   Melissa Gobeil Design, Jewellery

74.   Sweetie Box Studios, Amy Smania, Jewellery

75.   Barbara Cohen, Mixed Media

76.   Surreal-State, Mixed Media

77.   Barbara Murphy, Stoneware Pottery

78.   Susan Lapp, Mixed Media

79.   Tina Newlove, Oil and Watercolour

80.   Patrice Baker, Jewellery

81.   Eric Allen Montgomery, Mixed Media Assemblage

82.   P aynt Daze, Janet Hawkins, Acrylic on Canvas

83.   Stephen Yau, Acrylic

84.   Fotherby, Barbara and Ken Fotherby, Ceramics

85.   Katrina Jurjans, Mixed Media

86.   Karli Sears, Glass Jewellery

87.   Two Cent Sparrow, Kristen Ciccarelli, Ceramic Jewellery

88.   John Albert Doherty, Acrylic on Canvas

89.   Brent Schreiber, Figurative and Traditional Painting

90.   Rosairus Smykke Kunst, Sarah Rosairus, Jewellery and Metalwork

91.   Melanie Gausden, Mixed Media

92.   Tara Maksym, Metal Sculpture


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