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BMO Bank of Montreal

78 St. George's Square
tel: 519-824-3920 • fax: 519-824-7989
[email protected]

BMO Nesbitt Burns

55 Wyndham Street North
tel: (519)823-1000 • fax: (519)823-1214

Cash a Cheque

45 Macdonell Street
tel: 519-763-2952 • fax: 519-763-5974
[email protected]

CIBC Banking Centre

59 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-766-6400 • fax: 519-766-4815

CIBC Wood Gundy

14 Macdonell
tel: 519-822-8830/ toll free: 1-800-265-4954 • fax: 519-822-3061

Co-Operators, The

130 Macdonell Street
tel: 519-824-4400 • fax: 519-823-9944

First Capital Financial

82 Wyndham St.,N.,
tel: 519-829-1331/toll free: 866-845-2751 • fax: 519-829-3551
[email protected]

Meridian Credit Union

153 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-821-2101 • fax: 519-821-2990
[email protected]

RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

42 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-822-1900 • fax: 519-822-1982

RBC Financial Group

74 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-767-4789 • fax: 519-824-1723

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Guelph Chiropractic Health Centre

150 Woolwich Street • 519-763-4561

Guelph Chiropractic Health Centre

The Guelph Chiropractic Health Centre is a family based practice that is dedicated to providing optimal care to its patients.  We take care of your immediate aches and pains and offer advice and lifestyle modifications for general wellness and injury prevention.

Please call for office hours.


Dr. Russell J. Grabowski DC


Dr. Michael C. Grabowski DC, BA(Hons) Kin


Robert J. Mackenzie, R.M.T.

Massage therapy is a therapeutic process that is a partnership between client and therapist, who work together toward common and realistic goals.

Relaxation Massage
Hydrotherapy Treatments
Lymph Drainage


Senior / Student fee schedule - 10% off regular fee schedule.


Yvonne DaMaren, R.M.T.

Relaxation Massage
Sport Related Injury
Certified in Perinatal & Labour Massage and infant Massage

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