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Balnar Management ltd.

10 Suffolk St E
tel: 519-836-0223 • fax: 519-836-8704
[email protected]

Guelph City Realty Ltd.

147 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-821-4610 • fax: 519-822-6821
[email protected]

Gummer Building

5 Douglas Street
tel: 1-877-571-1100 • fax: 519-837-4012

Old Quebec Street Shoppes & Office Suites

55 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-837-0259 • fax: 519-837-2280
[email protected]

Park Mall Management Office

2 Quebec Street
tel: 519-823-2040 • fax: 519-823-8240
[email protected]

Skyline Group of Companies

5 Douglas Street, Suite 301
tel: 519.826.0439
[email protected]

The Tricar Group

152 Macdonell Street
tel: 519-652-8900 x 119
[email protected]

Williams & McDaniel

66 Macdonell Street
tel: 519-836-9721 • fax: 519-767-0771
[email protected]

Wyndham Street Investments Inc.

45 Chapel Lane
tel: 519-836-4582 • fax: 519-836-0144
[email protected]

Guelph Community Foundation

147 Wyndham Street North
Suite 405
• 519-821-9216

Guelph Community Foundation

The Guelph Community Foundation is a public, charitable foundation created by and for the people of Guelph and surrounding communities.

As an independent centre for community philanthropy, it connects donors who care with causes that matter and serves as a trusted resource for addressing issues and leveraging opportunities in the community. We welcome you to explore our website and check out how you can become involved.

We are Guelph and Wellington County's community foundation. When it comes to describing what we want our community to be, there is no end of words.  Inclusive.  Forward-looking.  Fair.  Creative.  Safe.  Green.  Fun. But there is one word that sums it all up ... vital. The vitality of our community is something we care a great deal about. 

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